Skincare Routine

Happy Thursday! I’ve had a few requests for a post on my skincare and today is the day! I’ve been a skincare junky for a few years now. Basically since the rise of beauty Youtubers. If Jaclyn Hill tells me to buy it, I buy two. 😂

I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while, but to be honest I’ve been bouncing around to different products for years and I wanted to wait until I really nailed down a routine. And as with everything else, this is just what works for ME.  

I’m going to go in the order I use products! 

First, you need a good cleanser. Duh. I have two that I use for different purposes. When I’m wearing a lot of makeup I love to use a cleansing oil to break it all up.  

If I’m not wearing makeup or I want to do a second cleanse after the oil (Hi K beauty👋🏼) then I use this cream cleanser from Sanitas.

In the morning and most nights, I follow my cleanser with a toner. This one contains acids that will help smooth out texture and diminish dark spots.

Okay now this next product has become one of my holy grails. I use them about 3 nights a week in the place of my toner. These have made such a difference in my skin. They contain the same acids as the Glow2oh toner with the addition of salicylic acid to help clear skin. They’ve helped clear up my acne, texture, redness, acne scars and discoloration. Not to mention how glowy they make my skin 😍

This product is on the pricier side, but it’s sooo worth it. BUT if you just can’t swing it I included a similar product at a more reasonable price point.

My last step in my (daily) routine is moisturizer. This has always kind of been my most neglected step. I used to be obsessed with serums (okay, I still am) and I would usually just toss on an organic oil at the end for moisture. But I started using this Vitamin C gel moisturizer and I love it! It has simplified my routine and made it much easier to stay diligent. Since it’s a gel cream it’s super lightweight which is great if you have occasionally acne. It might not be enough for you if you have super dry skin.

That concludes my daily skincare, but I want to also include some other products I love and how I use them. 


First are these two products from Sunday Riley. They work amazing as a pair and you can even buy them in a bundle from Sephora. I use these more in the winter because they can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. And to me, winter is like the time to regenerate. I use a ton more products and I feel like it’s a part of my hibernation process to up my skincare 😂 let me know if that makes any sense to anyone besides me. But basically in the summer I just prefer to use less on my face. Anyway.. first is the Luna Sleeping Night Oil. I put this one right after cleansing (skipping toner or using witch hazel in the place of toner just to make sure I’ve gotten all the makeup off). 

I follow this with the Good Genes serum.

This combo works great together for anti aging and regenerating your skin. It also helped with my skin texture and smoothness.

Since this is getting long (I told you I have a problem) I’m going to finish with a list of my favorite products for more specific purposes based on different skin care needs.

  1. Hydrating mask

  2. Pore clearing mask

  3. Lip mask

  4. Eye cream

  5. Vitamin C booster (add to any moisturizer!)

  6. Sunscreen

  7. Oil control toner

  8. Hydrating facial mist (great for on planes or at the pool/beach)

Leave a comment and let me know if you use any of these or give me some of your holy grail products!!