What I eat in a day

Full disclosure: I do not eat this well every single day. This is what I aim for! This does not account for date nights, pizza nights, times I forget to eat until 3pm, or midnight cookie binges. All of which take place in our house!  



Goal: Weekdays- smoothie with spinach, fruit, protein, collagen, yogurt, almond milk. Or more likely one from Daily Harvest that’s already in my freezer (if you want to try them, you can get 3 free cups using this link   https://daily-harvest.com/r/RE-2R87G38) Weekends- turkey bacon, egg and cheese sandwich (not the best but I don’t care I love it)

Most likely: half a cup of coffee before rushing to drop my kid at school late 



Goal: a prepped meal with lean protein, vegetables and a healthy carb like sweet potato  


Most likely: If I have a meal prepped in the fridge I’ll eat it. Or I’ll get a salad at Evergreens. Or a Poke bowl. Or sushi. Or nothing Bc I’m a mom and I’m preoccupied with nap times and potty training and laundry and dirty dishes and cleaning the same mess I’ve cleaned 57 times that day already.  



Goal: Either a prepped meal similar to lunch or a home cooked meal (spaghetti, lasagna, Alfredo, chicken fajitas, tacos, etc)

Most likely: these things 👆🏻 are actually pretty consistent. But for the sake of transparency I will tell you that two nights ago I ate McDonald’s in bed at 10pm. 


I’m telling you, I’m not an expert by any means. But I hope that that’s even more motivating. You don’t have to go on an extreme diet to see results! Be consistent in your workouts and eat well 80% of the time and you can indulge in your cravings sometimes. NW FitMeals have helped tremendously with keeping my eating on track! If you live in the Seattle area, check them out. 

I have some posts coming up about my go-to recipes for lunch and dinner and meal prepping so stay tuned!