Come oil with me!

Hi friends! If you’re here, I’m just going to assume you saw my Instagram story last night and decided you want to learn more about joining Young Living! I wanted to do a blog post just to outline why I chose young living, the benefits of being a member, and my must have products! If you already know you want to join and don’t need any of this info, just scroll to the bottom of this post and I’ve attached a link to enroll! 


Okay, so first I just want to address the three most common questions I get about oils/young living:  

1. Why did I choose Young Living

The main answer to this is THE SUPPORT! YL has a huge network of knowledgeable leaders (with incredible instagram accounts dedicated to all things essential oils) as well as Facebook groups (that you’ll be added to when you join!) where you can ask questions, get tips and ideas, and share experiences! 

The other top reason I chose Young Living is for their Thieves line! I feel like in recent years there’s been this realization about just how bad all the chemicals in every day products are for your body. If you haven’t heard any of this, try downloading the app “think dirty” and start scanning some of the cleaning products under your sink 😳

2. Do I have to get a “membership”?  

Technically, no. You can purchase oils from YL any time BUT youd be paying the retail price.  

3. What’s a membership? 

To join my team and become a member, you have to purchase a starter kit ($165). But it’s just a one time thing (no yearly fee or anything) and the kit is an amazing value! It has all the most popular oils plus samples of the thieves line, the ningxia antioxidant drink, and a diffuser! 


Okay, moving on. Next I want to just quickly outline my MUST have products and some of my favorite ways to use oils:

1. Thieves household cleaner

I cannot rave about this product more! I’ve converted so many of my friends and family to using Thieves instead of the harsh chemical cleaners from the store! First of all, it lasts you FOREVER. Just put one capful of the all purpose cleaner in a 16oz glass bottle and filled to the top with water and boom- the only cleaner you need for your entire house! Counters, bathrooms, windows, floors, stain solution, fabric refresher (bye febreze👋🏼) and more! I literally sound like an infomercial 🙄 

But truthfully it’s amazing and it makes “ditching and switching” super streamlined. We use the dish soap, dishwasher powder, laundry detergent and the household cleaner.  

2. Sleepyize

No, this alone will not make your child magically sleep 12 hours a night if they never have before. BUT it’s an amazing addition to their nighttime routine and I truly believe it’s been the difference in Navy having less night terrors (once she let me start putting it topically)  ! And now she asks for her “sleepy oil” every night! I have always diffused it in the kids rooms and I swear it knocks me out 😂 but it’s made the biggest difference once I started applying it directly to their skin. It also comes pre-diluted, so just stick a roller ball on top and you’re ready to go!  


3. Candle alternative 

I have to admit. This was a hard one. I was a diehard Bath & Body candle lover. But ignorance is bliss and once I learned that they’re full of bad chemicals I just couldn’t enjoy them anymore. Yes, I still occasionally will light candles in my house but I try to look for more natural options. But for the most part I just diffuse oils in my home not only for the scent, but for the benefits! Depending on what you diffuse you can create different environments. Calming, grounding, uplifting, focus, or just plain cozy.  


Okay my kids are literally going buckwild in my house right now so I have to wrap this up. If you have more questions feel free to dm me! But if you’re ready to jump in, here’s how you can join my team! 

Simply click this link:

 This will direct you to the enrollment page.  


You’re going to select this option to become a member and continue.  

Youll then be directed here and you should see my Sponsor ID and Enroller ID (see below)  


Click continue again and this message will pop up: 


This means you’re choosing to enroll under me (yay!)  



Next you’re going to choose your starter kit. I recommend this one 👆🏻 

After choosing your starter kit it will ask you to setup essential rewards, but you can skip this for now if you’d like. Just scroll down and hit next and you’ll get this 👇🏻 


Just click to continue enrollment and  you’ll be sent to the page where you enter your personal info. Then you’re done!! Yay! 

Leave a comment if you have any more questions or if you’ve joined!