Family Photos

We recently shot with my favorite photography Meg for Miller's one year/family pictures. I originally wanted to shoot in a big open field somewhere, but considering it rains about 27 days out of the month right now, that wasn't going to happen. I tried to find somewhere indoors/covered, but just didn't fall in love with anything. I have wanted to shoot in Pioneer Square for a while now and I figured if it rained we could make it work with cute umbrellas and trench coats. Ha! Seattle probs. Well it turned out to be a perfect overcast day and the ground was even dry enough for a non-walking baby! 

One of my main concerns shooting downtown was the homeless community, but the square was surprisingly empty and Meg assured me she could edit out any campers lol.

He sat here in the middle of the courtyard for a solid 10 minutes just posing and cooing and getting all sorts of attention from the group of girls standing nearby.  

Forever wiping lipstick off those kissable cheeks.

Twinning with dad! 

I can't with these two! 

I linked the jeans I'm wearing + some of the kids accessories, but my top is sold out and I've had this jacket and these booties for years! The booties are from Aldo, but are sold out and I can't even remember where I got this jacket. Below I linked a few similar tops, alone with some booties and a similar jacket that have been on my wish list for a while!