Friday Favorites

Hallelujah it’s Friday. And it’s damn beautiful in Seattle! Hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend! And for all the moms, my wish for you this Mother’s Day is that you get to sleep in, that someone else deals with your childrens’ tantrums, and that you have your coffee delivered to you in bed. 👑 

I wanted to start a Friday Favorites tradition and for the first one I decided to start with one of my obsessions. Band tees! I’m 100% a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. My go-to outfit for a night out when I have nothing to wear is skinny jeans, heels, a band tee and a leather jacket. Boom. Sexy, edgy and effortless. 👌🏼

Untitled Design.png

One | Two | Three | Four | Five

Revolve is one of my favorite places to shop for band tees, but you can also find some at Forever 21 and Target!

What other favorites do you want to see?? 

What I eat in a day

Full disclosure: I do not eat this well every single day. This is what I aim for! This does not account for date nights, pizza nights, times I forget to eat until 3pm, or midnight cookie binges. All of which take place in our house!  



Goal: Weekdays- smoothie with spinach, fruit, protein, collagen, yogurt, almond milk. Or more likely one from Daily Harvest that’s already in my freezer (if you want to try them, you can get 3 free cups using this link Weekends- turkey bacon, egg and cheese sandwich (not the best but I don’t care I love it)

Most likely: half a cup of coffee before rushing to drop my kid at school late 



Goal: a prepped meal with lean protein, vegetables and a healthy carb like sweet potato  


Most likely: If I have a meal prepped in the fridge I’ll eat it. Or I’ll get a salad at Evergreens. Or a Poke bowl. Or sushi. Or nothing Bc I’m a mom and I’m preoccupied with nap times and potty training and laundry and dirty dishes and cleaning the same mess I’ve cleaned 57 times that day already.  



Goal: Either a prepped meal similar to lunch or a home cooked meal (spaghetti, lasagna, Alfredo, chicken fajitas, tacos, etc)

Most likely: these things 👆🏻 are actually pretty consistent. But for the sake of transparency I will tell you that two nights ago I ate McDonald’s in bed at 10pm. 


I’m telling you, I’m not an expert by any means. But I hope that that’s even more motivating. You don’t have to go on an extreme diet to see results! Be consistent in your workouts and eat well 80% of the time and you can indulge in your cravings sometimes. NW FitMeals have helped tremendously with keeping my eating on track! If you live in the Seattle area, check them out. 

I have some posts coming up about my go-to recipes for lunch and dinner and meal prepping so stay tuned!  

Skincare Routine

Happy Thursday! I’ve had a few requests for a post on my skincare and today is the day! I’ve been a skincare junky for a few years now. Basically since the rise of beauty Youtubers. If Jaclyn Hill tells me to buy it, I buy two. 😂

I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while, but to be honest I’ve been bouncing around to different products for years and I wanted to wait until I really nailed down a routine. And as with everything else, this is just what works for ME.  

I’m going to go in the order I use products! 

First, you need a good cleanser. Duh. I have two that I use for different purposes. When I’m wearing a lot of makeup I love to use a cleansing oil to break it all up.  

If I’m not wearing makeup or I want to do a second cleanse after the oil (Hi K beauty👋🏼) then I use this cream cleanser from Sanitas.

In the morning and most nights, I follow my cleanser with a toner. This one contains acids that will help smooth out texture and diminish dark spots.

Okay now this next product has become one of my holy grails. I use them about 3 nights a week in the place of my toner. These have made such a difference in my skin. They contain the same acids as the Glow2oh toner with the addition of salicylic acid to help clear skin. They’ve helped clear up my acne, texture, redness, acne scars and discoloration. Not to mention how glowy they make my skin 😍

This product is on the pricier side, but it’s sooo worth it. BUT if you just can’t swing it I included a similar product at a more reasonable price point.

My last step in my (daily) routine is moisturizer. This has always kind of been my most neglected step. I used to be obsessed with serums (okay, I still am) and I would usually just toss on an organic oil at the end for moisture. But I started using this Vitamin C gel moisturizer and I love it! It has simplified my routine and made it much easier to stay diligent. Since it’s a gel cream it’s super lightweight which is great if you have occasionally acne. It might not be enough for you if you have super dry skin.

That concludes my daily skincare, but I want to also include some other products I love and how I use them. 


First are these two products from Sunday Riley. They work amazing as a pair and you can even buy them in a bundle from Sephora. I use these more in the winter because they can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. And to me, winter is like the time to regenerate. I use a ton more products and I feel like it’s a part of my hibernation process to up my skincare 😂 let me know if that makes any sense to anyone besides me. But basically in the summer I just prefer to use less on my face. Anyway.. first is the Luna Sleeping Night Oil. I put this one right after cleansing (skipping toner or using witch hazel in the place of toner just to make sure I’ve gotten all the makeup off). 

I follow this with the Good Genes serum.

This combo works great together for anti aging and regenerating your skin. It also helped with my skin texture and smoothness.

Since this is getting long (I told you I have a problem) I’m going to finish with a list of my favorite products for more specific purposes based on different skin care needs.

  1. Hydrating mask

  2. Pore clearing mask

  3. Lip mask

  4. Eye cream

  5. Vitamin C booster (add to any moisturizer!)

  6. Sunscreen

  7. Oil control toner

  8. Hydrating facial mist (great for on planes or at the pool/beach)

Leave a comment and let me know if you use any of these or give me some of your holy grail products!!

Workin’ on my fitness

If you’re here, I’m guessing you probably saw my abs on Instagram and want my secret. Well lucky for you all you have to do is buy my flat tummy tea for 6 installments of $49.99 and you too can look like me!!  

Lmao NOT. The secret really isn’t a secret. You have to work your ass off. And disclaimer: I am not an expert. I am not a personal trainer. I do not have a degree in nutrition. This is just what worked for me. 


First off, I think it’s important to know that not every form of exercise is what’s best for every person. I used to be a cross country runner. I’ve ran 2 half marathons. And guess what? I was still soft. I had no definition in my abs. At best, it upped my metabolism and gave me a rounder butt. I have also lifted weights. I felt a little stronger but doing it alone at the gym made it difficult to lift heavy and be consistent (aka quitting when I got tired). I have always benefited from group classes. I am competitive at heart and if the person next to me is killing it then I’m definitely not gunna be the wussy next to them that quits.  

That being said, I think spin class is what made me fall in love with exercising. Imagine a dark room, loud ass music, a fit instructor telling you “you’ve got this!” And a whole room of other people working their ass off. Now that’s motivating. And I totally get that things like soul cycle are expensive AF but most offer free trials so just try it! Bounce around to different studios using the free trials and then decide if you can swing it. Your health is worth it! 

Flywheel was my jam during my entire pregnancy with Miller and oh. My. God. The difference in an active Vs non active pregnancy is mind blowing. With Navy, I put on 50lbs, had high blood pressure, was crazy swollen and all around felt awful. With Miller, I gained a healthy 30lbs, never had to take off my wedding ring, and felt all around great! The day after my due date I told my midwife “I’m ready to meet him, but I feel great!” 

Anyway. That’s the back story. Fast forward to November 2017. I was 7 months post partum and not loving what I saw in the mirror. Enter this lovely “before” photo: 


A month later we got a Pelaton bike. And to be honest, I didn’t use it for a while. But once I did, I started to see small changes. Keep in mind, my diet is still shit at this point. But anyway here are some “progress” pics from May-July 2018 

May 2018

May 2018

June 2018

June 2018


Now enter YOGA. In July we decided Justin might benefit from incorporating yoga into his workouts. For flexibility, recover and injury prevention. We hired a private instructor (@a_hotyogini), I took one class with her, and I was hooked. Then my friend Sam told me about Corepower. I had never done hot yoga and I was sure that I would hate it. She drug me to a class and I never looked back. Not only did I feel GREAT after every class, but this is when I REALLY started to notice a change in my body. And let me tell you, NOTHING is more motivating than your own progress.  

July 2018

July 2018

August 2018 

August 2018 

September 2018 

September 2018 

October 2018 

October 2018 

November 2018 

November 2018 

In December the football season was nearing a close and I decided to up my workouts to get ready for our off-season vacation. I started going to Sculpt classes (like a yoga-Pilates hybrid) at Corepower. And I think these next pictures speak for themselves: 

December 2018

December 2018

January 2019 - note the wrinkled post baby belly button. I still have loose skin and that’s ok! I’m flexing super hard here 😂

January 2019 - note the wrinkled post baby belly button. I still have loose skin and that’s ok! I’m flexing super hard here 😂

This was the point where I looked in the mirror and LOVED what I saw. That was a feeling I have never felt and it felt DAMN GOOD! THAT is what it’s all about. I felt strong and healthy and proud and THAT’s what it’s about!! 

In February we went back to Missouri and I couldn’t for the life of me find a decent yoga studio. So I took some time off. I put on about 3 lbs, but honestly I was getting too skinny for my liking so I welcomed the weight. And here is today:



I should also mention that at some point in there I also started to change my diet. I can’t remember when exactly but at some point after starting hot yoga, I started ordering from NWFit Meals. Which honestly is probably what made the biggest difference. But you don’t have to order from a meal service. I can’t really give nutrition advice Bc I don’t feel qualified and everyone is different. I’m super lucky to have a naturally high metabolism so even just small changes and eating “cleaner” made a huge difference for me. I didn’t go on a crazy diet or cut anything specific out but I do try to limit sugar and processed food, eat veggies with every meal, lean protein, healthy carbs like sweet potatoes, limited dairy. If you try to just cut everything out cold turkey you’re most likely going to crash. Just slow, small changes and don’t deprive yourself! So I order 5 meals a week (most weeks) from NWFit Meals for my lunches and then I cook almost every night. I’ve started meal prepping for Justin lately too! I can do a separate post on some of the meals I make Bc Jesus Christ this is long already. Let me know if you’re interested! 

 Xoxo, fitness girl  


And since I try to be somewhat transparent I want to also include some recent pictures where I’m not flexing as hard or where you can see my stretch marks. Progress, not perfection!