Nighttime Routine

Disclaimer: this post will be extremely boring if you're not a mom. Hell, it's probably boring for most moms too. But I love reading about other people's routine, so I thought I'd share our typical bedtime routine.

I've always been really terrible about keeping a routine with the kids. With anything really. Our days are always sporadic and there's really no schedule, but I try to keep things somewhat consistent when it comes to bedtime. I used to think that a "bedtime routine" meant every single night a bath, 3 books, 2 songs, rocking for exactly 7 minutes, a forehead kiss, and a chicken dance. Then I realized all Miller really needs is a dark room and he knows its time to sleep. Ha! 

I don't give him a bath every day because he's always had a bit of eczema and the bath water tends to irritate it, so on most nights I just change him into pajamas (in his room) and rock him for as long as he will lay still, then lay him down. Voilà! I can post about what I did to sleep train, but I'm definitely not an expert because Navy still throws a tantrum just about every night before bed...... I would recommend the Baby Wise book (you can find it on Amazon) to start!

On nights that he gets messy eating dinner or if we have time to kill before bedtime or if its just been a while since he's had a bath, this is the scene:

I don't have a baby soap I swear by, but this brand is natural, smells good and doesn't irritate his eczema. Love their huge jug of bubble bath too! Let me know your favorite natural baby soaps in the comments!

These 4moms spout covers are really great for when your baby is little. It has a temperature gauge and will light up green when you're in a safe range, but beeps and blinks red when it gets too hot!

After bath, we go to his room and I will diffuse a some oils in his diffuser. Usually just lavender and citrus oils (orange, lemon, grapefruit). If he has a cold or is stuffy I will do lavender with a drop or two of peppermint, cypress, tea tree, or eucalyptus. I don't usually do any topical oils, but if I do its just a drop or two of lavender diluted in his lotion. I don't have a favorite oil brand, I usually just grab some from Whole Foods. If any of you have a Young Living discount, let a mama know.

I love these SpaRoom diffusers. They're only like $25 on Amazon. Score!

I love these SpaRoom diffusers. They're only like $25 on Amazon. Score!

This CeraVe ointment is the only thing I tried that helped with Miller's dry, flaky skin!

Since I don't have an Instagram husband, I don't have any cute little action shots of me rubbing lotion on my baby. I just have shots of him trying to escape getting dressed because let's be real, bedtime is rarely anything more than chasing a little greased monkey around trying to wrangle them into pajamas that are probably a size too small. 

HA HA! When you're so tired you can't even hold your big ole head up any longer.