Post-Partum Necessities

After posting my baby must-haves for the first 6 months, I had a few people say that they would appreciate a postpartum must-haves list! Hopefully you've already read up on the first couple weeks after baby, otherwise this list may shock you. For anyone who is not currently expecting, this will most likely be TMI. I am actually a little surprised by the number of women (pregnant or not) who have little to no knowledge of female anatomy and the reproductive system. Prepare to be enlightened! 

For starters, (especially for first time moms) you will need lots and lots of sanitary pads. For the first few days to a week, I found it helpful to wear mesh underwear + a heavy pad. Not the most environmentally friendly approach, but I did not want extra laundry or to ruin any more underwear. Plus it adds a extra layer of protection. I used this combo:

Like, soooo cute, right? LOL.

If you are delivering in the hospital, they will supply you with some of this stuff and other things like peri bottles (heaven sent). If you're having a home birth, your midwife should supply you with a list of basic necessities which is the basic guideline I'm following. I also need to mention that I have been very fortunate thus far to have had very easy recoveries, so my true must-have list may be shorter than everything I'm listing. For example, I had zero tears with either baby, so I didn't require the same perineum care that others may need. However, even without tears, there will always be soreness and the next items help with that! 

You guys, that spray? Hands down best postpartum purchase! After using the restroom, you spray it on your poor sore swollen lady bits and its seriously so soothing. They even went as far as to invert the sprayer so that it can be easily used upside down! 

Some of the next items are slightly less "necessary", but I think thats objective because I needed them! I included some top picks for nursing wear. I lived in these leggings! 

Okay, you don't specifically need a Kate Spade tumbler.. BUT if you have a super cute cup, you're more like to drink more water, right? Thats my logic at least. 

If you still have prenatal vitamins leftover make sure that you continue taking them. If you are out, you can purchase some more tailored to postpartum needs like these. I feel certain that I am forgetting things, but I am going to go ahead and post this and I will add more if I remember! 

In addition to these items, you will also want a few things that I mentioned in the 0-6 month necessities. Including a breast pump and nipple pads. You can find that post here: